About WebzPro - Everything you ever wanted to know about WebzPro

Our Support

We offer a true 24/7, 365 days a year support and our average response time less than thirty minutes. We use several strategies to keep our help desk online where other hosts do not. Employing redundant internet connections is just one way that WebzPro, ensures availability of our staff to you at all times. Our support staff is 100% USA based, use English as a first language and possesses graduate-level communication skills. Level 1, level 2 and level 3 support is all under one roof. There are no delays when there is a need to escalate your support request.

Our Promise

We promise to work hard to always give you the three most important things that any web hosting customer wants. Your web site to be up and running, your email to be working and to be able to get not only quick answer to a support request but a quick resolution also. The way we deliver on this is to concentrate on service. The hosting business is first and foremost a service oriented business. With out service what what can a hosting company actually offer you. Nothing but an empty promise. Since WebzPro’s inception we knew that we would be successful if we placed service as our highest priority. That formula has been our success.

WebzPro Promises To...

  • Always deliver reliable web hosting services
  • Have fast resolutions to support issues
  • Always return your call if you have to leave a message
  • Never to forget what is was like to be a customer
  • Maintain complete satisfaction
  • Always remember that service is the most important feature we have to offer

Our Web Servers

We Own and Operate Our Own Web Servers.

WebzPro owns and operates our web servers. Our newest LiteSpeed servers boast 12 Core processors, with 48 GB's of Ram, a six hard drive configuration. One solid state drive for the O/S, four drives for a Raid 10 config, and a additional 2000 Gb hard drive. Servers are located in the DuPont Fabros Data Center located just out side Chicago IL.

Why this type of configuration?

Simple, SPEED! Web servers very rarely slow down due to the actual processor load, but they do slow down due to process requests which will cause the high load. A standard web server using simple SATA drives can process around 90 I/O requests per second. Our servers can handle 320 I/O requests per second. It is as simple as this, no back up on I/O requests, no slow servers, just blazing fast responses. Take a quick down load speed test here. http://www.webzpro.net/testzip.zip

Why Litespeed?

LiteSpeed delivers. Up to 9 times faster than Apache, 50% better performance for PHP applications, up to 600% for static content, and double the SSL performance. LiteSpeed is also fully compatible with Apache configurations, including popular modules such as mod_rewrite.